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schultzy beckett
schultzy beckett

. They have to be built if America and the world or to be free of living off declining oil and gas. And beleive me, people want your lights on! Can people conserve? Maybe, but I would bet against it. Power comsumption is increasing every year and the majority of users don't want to be without their toys, lights, heating, air condition or their PCs. Think you can conserve or live without electricity, not for long is my expeirence. You can try it out by coming down south after a hurricane and be without power for a week or more or maybe in the north,which is worse, in a freezing home. it used to be the average KW per home was about 1000 kw, back in the 70's. That has increased to about 2,500 in the average home today and it is going up not down.


Bob Cottrell
Bob Cottrell

300+ miles on a charge and maximum 15 minute full charge time is what it will take for me.


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