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    Photos: New Antarctic Creatures Found

    Bristle-Cage Worm, Sea Lily, Orange Octopus, and More

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Today is April 21, 2014

Photo of the Day

Picture of a lion’s mane jellyfish in Bonne Bay, St. Lawrence Gulf

Bonne Bay Drift

The Goliath Birdeater Tarantula Is the Biggest Spider in the World

Phenomena: A Science Salon

Four spirited writers on the new, odd, and awesome.

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    Fly Bacteria Invite Other Flies

    Larvae attract more larvae, but not if they don’t have any bacteria. by Ed Yong

  2. zebrafishbrain2-phenomena.png

    Close Look Inside the Zebrafish Brain

    These embryonic fish are transparent, making it easy to watch their brain cells in action. by Virginia Hughes

  3. fish-990x654.jpg

    Gefilte Fish: Why, Oy Why?

    Fish in general has been a Sabbath tradition for a long time. But why gefilte? by Virginia Hughes.

  4. The First Candidate Exomoon

    Though exomoons are thought to exist, no concrete evidence for them has yet been found. By Nadia Drake.

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    Pilgrim Road

    Paul and his team follow the centuries-old caravan trails of Muslim pilgrims traveling to Mecca.

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    New Age of Exploration

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